Students using film equipment


Location: Room AB 1008

Call: 703-993-3907 or email below

Film students at Mason have access to the same state-of-the-art equipment used by professionals.

Cage Student Worker

Film at Mason student Sujay Khona checks lenses as they are returned from a student production. Our Film students have access to a variety of equipment which can be reserved for class projects.

Equipment Cage

The Film at Mason Equipment Cage is located in the Art & Design Building, Room AB 1008.

The Equipment Cage is the primary resource for film and video studies majors looking for production equipment and supplies. The Cage supports both classroom demos and student productions shooting out in the field.

The Cage is also a resource where students can come learn, practice, and train on the same production equipment used by professionals around the world. It is staffed by trained and experienced film majors, that provide peer to peer mentorship, and assist students preparing to shoot their films.

Students must be enrolled in film and video studies courses with a production requirement.


For all equipment reservations, and to confirm availability, please contact us at:

Phone: 703-993-3907

Film at Mason staff are available to help show students how to use equipment.
Film at Mason staff are available to help show students how to use equipment.


The Equipment Cage operates by appointment on a first-come, first-served rental system.

In order to best support every student, equipment reservations are required to be submitted in advance. All reservations are required no less than 24 hours in advance. 

Equipment quantities and availability will vary. Certain restrictions may be placed on equipment of a certain value or based on limitations of inventory. 

A full list of production equipment can be found via Blackboard > Organizations > My Organizations > Film Students.

Equipment Policies

  • Borrower must be a declared Film and Video Studies major and enrolled in one of the production classes listed above.
  • Students enrolled in Senior Project (FAVS 499) receive priority for equipment checkout.
  • All requests are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Equipment must be properly checked and tested before being checked out and upon return.
  • Borrower accepts responsibility for safe, timely, and undamaged return of equipment. They are also responsible for the replacement and/or repair of damaged equipment.
  • Borrower is responsible for scheduling pick up/drop off times with the Film at Mason Student Assistants.
  • Failure to return equipment may result in action by the Dean of Students or the University Police. Borrowers will be responsible for any legal fees and costs associated with such action.
  • Email to request equipment or arrange in person at the Film at Mason Equipment Checkout Cage.

Late / Damage Fees

Equipment not returned on time without prior notice, will be assessed a late fee of $5/hour for every hour the cage is open.

Equipment that is damaged, lost, stolen, or is returned in an usable condition may be assessed a Damage Fee. The fee is based on replacement or repair value of the item and may be assessed up to the insurance deductible of $1000. 

Additional Resources

Star Lab

Student Video Center

DC Camera

Capitol Camera

Redstar Lighting (The Washington Source)

Jetwave Wireless

For those enrolled in a COMM production class, equipment may be checked out from the Student Video Center. Video equipment is also available through the STAR Lab, for those who are not eligible for or when equipment checkout is not available through Film at Mason or COMM. Please contact them directly for available equipment and reservations.