It takes a team of creative specialists to craft a great film. Whether your interest is in the visual, the writing, or the sound, you'll get the skills you need here.

Film at Mason is the first interdisciplinary film program in Virginia, and one of the few film schools to offer an undergraduate concentration in producing. Film majors take courses that give them the broad base of knowledge they need to craft works of depth, maturity, and sophistication.

We offer five concentrations:

  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Production (Cinematography)
  • Post-Production (Editing and Sound)
  • Screenwriting

Find Your Focus

The Film at Mason program is comparable to top-ranked film programs nationwide in our approach through concentrations. All students take a series of Core classes, studying the foundational elements of the craft and discipline of cinematic arts. By the beginning of Junior year, students identify and declare a concentration.

Our specializations prepare students for roles on industry sets, key positions in independent productions, and jobs as visual storytellers in the public and private sector. Collaboration matters in our industry. While focusing on an area of our craft in detail, students simultaneously learn how to support the work of others while receiving support themselves.

Students in all concentrations build a strong foundation in business and entrepreneurship, ethics and film analysis. Courses are taught by working, award-winning filmmakers dedicated to their craft and to preparing you for the work ahead.

Student Martin Trompeta behind the camera

Our students begin taking film classes and work on short films their very first semester in the program. FAVS 255 Video Production for Film is an introduction to filmmaking course, a requirement for the Film major and a prerequisite for our other production courses. 

Student Paul Lee working on sound

Students who take our Sound Editing and Recording class, learn techniques and technology pertaining to audio both on location and in the studio. 

In addition, you'll learn in a creative environment in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, and build their broad base of knowledge by taking classes in such areas as:

  • Film and Media Studies
  • English
  • Communication
  • Theater
  • Game Design
  • Art

Film at Mason students can also leverage the extraordinary connections, alumni network, and arts partnerships to both complete the required internship and gain real-world experience.

What Will I Create?

  • Short films
  • Documentaries with community partners
  • Feature-length screenplays
  • TV scripts
  • Music videos and web series pilots
  • Interactive media
  • Commercials and PSAs
  • Senior thesis films
  • Professional reels
Film students using dolly

Film at Mason students have access to a variety of equipment and software. In FAVS 331 Cinematography, students learn about dolly techniques including how the camera moves forward, backward, and alongside a subject.