VIBRATIONS project seeks students

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VIBRATIONS is a documentary series that profiles contemporary singer-songwriters and practitioners of traditional musical forms while revealing regional music cultures around the world. Inspirational in nature, Vibrations emphasizes the healing power of music and its ability to create positive individual and social change. In featuring musicians and their stories, we share how music is a valuable, shared asset within communities, and how it functions as a preserver and innovator of culture. Through a 30-minute episodic format, Vibrations intends for distribution in commercial broadcast, webcast, and educational markets. With faculty mentors specializing in ethnomusicology, film producing, documentary directing and film editing, students will travel to Vietnam and Cambodia to engage in research, writing, and video pre-production, production, and post-production for documentary episodes and published articles about the musical cultures of Vietnam and Cambodia, with two weeks of fieldwork and video production in each respective country. To apply, please log into Hire Mason and search for job posting 152214.