Film at Mason students from Cinematography and Producing on the set of JAVA. (Photo by Dixie D. Vereen)
Film at Mason students from Cinematography and Producing on the set of JAVA. (Photo by Dixie D. Vereen)

Undergraduate Program

The Film and Video Studies, Bachelor of Arts degree is the first multidisciplinary undergraduate degree in Virginia focusing on cinematic arts production, film theory, and history with core courses in ethics, business, writing for the moving image, fiction, documentary and web series.

Students take most of their courses in Film and Video Studies with additional coursework in Film and Media Studies, Art, Communication, Computer Game Design, Music, Theater, and many other departments. Students engage with emerging technologies alongside entrepreneurship and industry standards to prepare for our vibrant, ever-changing field. Screening events, guest lectures, pitching competitions, and location production-work provide experiential learning.

Students complete courses in the Film Core. To fine-tune their craft, students select advanced courses of study from four concentrations:

  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Production/Post-Production (Cinematography or Video/Sound Editing)
  • Screenwriting.

Each concentration includes a capstone experience wherein students are professionalized and mentored by faculty on original projects in their senior year.

In addition, all students must complete a minor*, double-major, or demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in one foreign language.


Film at Mason awards scholarships annually to current students to support their education and film projects. Scholarship support is provided by fundraising efforts including contributions and ticket sales to the annual events, OFF THE WALL and ARTS BY GEORGE. You can donate here to fund Mason Film scholarships.

Course Offerings

Courses that can apply toward the degree is dependent on several different departments and their availability. New courses are being reviewed and added every semester. Refer to this updated list when creating your schedule for the upcoming semester.

 *There is no minor in Film and Video Studies. Film majors may pursue a minor in Film and Media Studies (FAMS), offered through the Department of English. Film majors pursuing a FAMS minor are not allowed to apply production courses toward that minor. For more information visit For a complete listing of Minors, visit the Minors at Mason page.


The below information is for the 2018-19 catalog year. To review requirements for your specific catalog year, visit the catalog or contact your Film Academic Advisor.

Students must earn a minimum grade of C in all major courses.

No Film and Video Studies course that is required for the major may be unsuccessfully attempted more than three times. A grade lower than a C constitutes an unsuccessful attempt in any given course. Those students who do not successfully complete such a course within three attempts will be terminated from the major.


Film at Mason majors are required to declare one concentration by the end of their 2nd semester in the program.