Fall Film Showcase

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Fall Film Showcase
December 7-9
All events are free and open to the public. Screenings are in the Johnson Center Cinema.

Thursday, December 7

11am-3:30pm Staged Readings
Johnson Center Gold Room
Reading 1: 11-1:30 (including talkback)
Intermission w/pizza: 1:30-2pm
Reading 2: 2-3:30pm (including talkback)

Staged readings are full readings of original scripts by seniors completing their capstone work in the Screenwriting Concentration for the FAVS B.A.


4pm - 5 pm, Web Series
Johnson Center Cinema
Pilot episodes from the Film and Video Studies course on Web Series.


5:30-7 pm Collaborations
Johnson Center Cinema
A collection of faculty and student collaborative projects including the Mason Film Lab.


Friday, December 8

10 am - 1:30 pm, Video Production for Film
Johnson Center Cinema
A morning of screenings from the Film and Video Studies course on beginning filmmaking.


2 pm - 4 pm, Documentary Directing
Johnson Center Cinema
Documentary shorts.

Saturday, December 9

10:30 - 12 pm Senior Pitches
Please note the room has changed. Pitches will be in the Art Building, room 1007.

FAVS seniors have a chance to compete for monetary pitch prizes to go directly to their senior capstone projects. Pitch competitions are juried by members of the FAVS Advisory Board, faculty, and industry professionals.

1 pm - 3 pm Spotlight on Kosovo
Johnson Center Cinema

This spotlight will feature the work of Film and Video Studies graduating senior and Kosovo native, Erblin Nushi.



Bini Dir. Erblin Nushi.  The story of a young boy who is thrust into the horrors of war and copes by clinging to a single piece of candy as he and his family are forced to become refugees.

Documentary on the Making of Bini Dir. Erblin Nushi. A behind the scenes look at the making of Bini. Cinematography by Logan McKennah Brown.

Shok. Dir. Jamie Donoughue, The friendship of two boys is tested to its limits as they battle for survival during the Kosovo war. 

A Q&A with Erblin Nushi and Eshref Durmishi (Producer/Shok, Actor/Bini) will follow the screening. Moderated by Dr. Catherine Studemeyer, Assistant Director and Assistant Professor Global Affairs Program.

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Senior Showcase
Johnson Center Cinema
Course Instructor: Lisa Thrasher
Senior capstone films for the Film and Video Studies seniors completing their FAVS B.A. in Directing/Producing.

Clay Stanley, Fiction.
Caleb and Colin are two identical twin brothers who spend their final day together before Caleb moves out of their parent's house.

Bulldog James Conor Bolt, Fiction.
A woman obsessed with her prized banana tree is confronted by an infamous criminal with a lesson to teach.

Don't Think Mitch Hartigan, Fiction.
A story about a fifteen year old boy who meets a girl online. As they get closer, he starts to fall more in love.

Shivering Like Leaves Robert Kreiling, Fiction.
An introverted teenager finds himself in unfamiliar territory after meeting an outgoing and unpredictable girl at a college social event.

Yogurt Jason Gilligan, Fiction.
A teenager placed in a mental hospital must learn to accept his illness if he hopes to ever be released.

You Don't Know Me Matt McKinney, Fiction.

Sir Kaidan Blackmer, Fiction.
Ty has begun his journey to become his authentic self, but his journey is a difficult and dangerous one.


6 pm - 8 pm Awards and Celebration
Johnson Center Bistro