Apply to the Major and Declare the Minor

Arts LC


The Arts Learning Community (LC) is a unique residential opportunity for freshmxn who want to live with students majoring or are interested in the visual and performing arts.

Applying to the Film and Video Studies program is a two-step process. You can be admitted to Mason, but you must also be admitted to the Film and Video Studies program.

*This process is competitive and not all applicants will be accepted.

Students working in post-production

Film at Mason encourages collaboration across classes and concentrations. Here, our students work together in post-production to make their project come to life.

How to Apply

Step One

Incoming Freshmxn and Transfers: 
Apply to Mason through the Common Application, or directly through Mason's online application. You do not need to wait to get a response from Admissions before moving to step two.

Current Mason students:
Skip Step One

Step Two

Submit a digital portfolio via SlideRoom that will be evaluated by our faculty. Your digital portfolio includes one short essay and creative work samples (described in detail below). Incomplete portfolios will not be considered.

PART 1: Write an essay (about 500 words) describing your interest in independently produced cinematic arts (television, film, interactive media, etc). Identify your goals in becoming a filmmaker at Mason. Please proofread your work.

Film at Mason is a community that fosters creativity, analysis, diverse perspectives, professional practice, and socially-conscious filmmaking. We are looking for a sense of your individual interests and what you want to say as a storyteller. Please include any films, series, or artworks that inspire you. Experience in filmmaking is not required, but if you have it, please talk about it.

PART 2: Submit 1) a sample or samples of your recent (within the past three years) creative work, and 2) a descriptive statement. Your creative sample might demonstrate your voice and vision or reflect your artmaking and learning experiences, including collaborations with others. 

  1. Sample(s):

Provide one or two links to videos, or upload up to 6 still images. These might be short videos, a demo reel, photographs, website screen grabs, animation, drawing, collage, graphic novel excerpts, comic book cells, poetry, or screenplays.

  1. Descriptive Statement (100 words):

Describe your sample and discuss why you’ve chosen to submit this piece. If applicable for collaborative pieces, clarify your creative and technical roles. Credit copyrighted media for which you do not have the rights in the statement or in the credits for video work.


Film students working on a senior project film in the Johnson Center Bistro.

Film students working on a senior project film in the Johnson Center Bistro.

Portfolio Deadlines

Incoming Freshmxn

  • Early Action Fall: November 7
  • Regular Fall: February 7
  • Spring: October 1

Incoming Transfers

  • Spring: October 1
  • Fall: March 1

Current Mason Students

  • Change your major for Spring: October 1
  • Change your major for Fall: March 1
Film student with boom

Film at Mason students test out the equipment before their production.

Film and Video Studies Minor

The Film and Video Studies minor is open to all Mason undergraduate students. A portfolio review is not required. The Film and Video Studies minor requires 15 credits of coursework. For more information, visit the Film and Video Studies Minor page in the university catalog.

Please contact Maddie Portnoy to schedule an appointment to declare the minor.