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Special Topic Courses

Fall 2020

FAVS 399:DL1 Film Concepts

Film Concepts is designed for beginning level students as a rigorous investigation into the role of film as an artistic and cultural form. In this class, we will explore a range of modes of film with particular emphasis on experimental and documentary films because of the questions they engage about the nature of cinema. While this is an intro-level course, students will be exposed to challenging material to facilitate a deeper understanding of our relation to cinema beyond the consumption of “favorite films”. 

Fridays, 1:30 - 4:10pm
Prof. Alkassim

FAVS 399:DL2 Afrofuturism


Students will explore the history and contexts of Afrofuturism, which has roots in African American science fiction and now refers more broadly to literature, music, and visual art that explore the African diasporas experience. The course will focus on creative aspects including short script-writing, filmic storytelling, and online discussion with working filmmakers. 

Wednesdays, 1:30 - 4:10pm
Prof. Jusu

FAVS 399:DL3 Development for Producers

Producing Silver Screen to Streaming Content

This course focuses on practical methods working in the “Business of Show,” from the development of a screenplay to the producing of television, film, gaming, and producing streaming content, including working with unions. Students will learn the art of pitching ideas to decision makers. By the end of the couse, students will have a strong understanding of how the entertainment industry operates, including how to develop work for self-distribution on various platforms, the film festival route, and studio distribution.

Mondays, 4:30 - 7:10pm
Prof. Bellais

FAVS 399:DL4 Elections, Issues, and Films

If you want to explore the nexus of hot contemporary issues and US presidential elections through film, then this is the class for you. To better understand how the concerns of election years are represented in fiction films and documentaries, we'll discuss how fiction films and documentaries investigate assumptions about equality, human rights, immigrants, and prosperity in the US. The films we’ll study include James DeMonaco’s The Purge: Election Year (2016), Raoul Peck’s I Am Not Your Negro (2016), Laura Poitras’s Citizen Four (2014), Ava DuVernay's 13th (2016), and Jose Antonio Vargas's Documented (2013).

Online (asynchronous)
Prof. Alkassim




FAVS 399:DL5 Music Video Production

This course is a full, step by step guide to creating a music video. We will cover: a music video treatment, producing and directing, casting and locations, shooting and editing, visual effects and color correction, and delivering a music video to MTV and YouTube. If you listen to music and you imagine stories that you feel would make an awesome music video to share with others ... then this class is for you.

Thursdays, 10:30am - 1:10pm
Prof. Santos

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